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Mapco Group are Scotland’s largest dehydrator of under-utilised food sources

We specialise in food dehydration and surplus food management, and we run the largest dehumidification factory in Scotland from the North East fishing port of Peterhead.

We take cod, haddock and pelagic bi-products fresh from the North Sea and dehydrate them.  We supply Africa, and soon Asia and Europe, with a variety of top quality fish-based products for human consumption. We are currently expanding into non- fish products.

Mapco in Africa

At Mapco we are acutely aware that not everyone in the world has enough food to eat. The gulf between rich people and poor is often getting greater not less. Which is why we have set up the Mapco Foundation, a charitable trust working with the less well off in Africa. By helping Africans establish self-sustaining businesses Mapco will help build lives and communities.

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